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Artifical Grass

The  range of artificial grass that we can supply for  the client will gibve you a  beautiful and green lawn from season to season, with the maintenance no longer required in various jobs ie cutting , scarifying , weed and fertiliser control this takes the work out of looking after your lawn . With artificial grass, youll have the all year around perfect lawn . The grasses that we can supply have different textures and coloursll to suit the individual , our products are easy to clean and your garden is always green and immaculate for hosting out-door activites , its also pet friendly and even in the wetetest days its mud free . the grasses range form the 27mm to 35 mm pile height and  also can be bought in various densitys and it looks sharp ,clean and smart.Theres a mix of curlied and staright fibres  to give you that authentic feel , Fitting the grass we use a Landscape fabric  this is for under your choice of product and stops weeds , we also secure with galavanised nails.

Before we lay the landscape Fabric we level and sand  underneath the area so that you have a foundation to work with , this will give you perfect and level lawns each time , unless otherwise instructed .Jointing the grass we use jointing tape and come in on average every 4 metres and edging we use aluminium edges to hold the grass and give you nice clean  lines and edges. With the expnsion into this field and up to date and modern designs you can have a lwawn that looks real and is clean and tidy looking . 




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